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License plates

> Every so often, on LTAR, they talk about license plates.  Because of the
> common pattern of Massachusetts license plates, of three numbers and
> letters, in the form ###-XXX, there are a lot of radio station call
> letters and other unintentionally meaningful combinations.  Today, I
> parked between 486-WBZ and 262-WBZ.  Last week, I saw 710-WGY (Only
> slightly off!).

Same goes for New York!  Here in the Capital District, the WGY series has
been very familiar on the roads...having worked at WGY, I don't recall any
staff having the plates or who may have the 810.
Also  seen in the area, some other comman calls on plates:  CKL, ABY,
TRY ...Wonder if some radio transplant is working at DMV..hopefully not at
the state prison pressing the plates!	Ed Kostek