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Rock & Roll Oldies on WBPS

I saw an article, I think in the Globe last week, to the effect that
Little Walter is now doing his thing on Sunday evenings on WBPS 890.  The
article said that he is preceded by another Rock & Roll oldies show done
by Don Parker.  I suppose someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm
assuming that both of them have leased the time and will somehow find
their own advertising.

I thought I'd cut out the article, but now I can't find it.  If I find it,
I'll post the show times (which were in the article).

Incidentally, I don't know whether this is how Little Walter got to be
called that, but I recall back around 1971 or so, there was an oldies
record store somewhere near the Combat Zone called "Big John's Oldies But
Goodies Land."  The radio ad (which may have been on Arnie Ginsberg's
show) talked about dropping in to meet "Big John and Little Walter." 
Indeed, the one time I visited the store, there were two guys there, one
really big guy and one little, at least by comparison.  I assumed at the
time that they were ig John and Little Walter.  The next time I went to
the store, it was closed, and I believe it may have eventually
metamorphosed into a store called "Skippy White's" somewhere in Brighton.

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