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Re: WQDY Calais

On 8 July at 10:57 p.m., Dan Billings wrote:

>As for WHRR, I agree entirely.  There are only 35,000 people in Washington
>County and the area is very poor.  WQDY gets some advertisers out of St.
>Stephens and I suspect that getting into New Brunswick is part of the plan
>for WHRR, but there are not a lot of people right across the border.

I remember hearing on Bob Bittner's Let's Talk About Radio about two years
ago that Canadia businesses advertising on American stations cannot write
off the advertising on their taxes. In other words, it's pretty
unattractive for a Canadian property to be broadcasting on an United States
station, no matter how high the ratings are. Which makes religion even more
likely up there.

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