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RE: Dale "Hi Mom!" Dorman

Steve Ordinetz wrote:
>At 10:50 AM 7/7/97 -0000, Bill O'Neill wrote:
>>If no one here knows, then no one does:  How long has he been signing   
>>with "Hi Mom!"?  And did Mom really listen?

>I don't ever recall him using that phrase until until his tenure at
>Kiss-108.  At WRKO he always used to sign off with "bye baby!", don't   
>recall "hi Mom", though.

I remember at least one time when Dale Dorman started his Saturday   
morning show thusly:

Over the intro to a Rolling Sones song (the title escapes me for the   
moment), Dale literally beat his chest with his fists while doing a long,   
intense Tarzan Yell.  He stopped, paused, said (in a low, deep, closely   
miked voice) "Hi Mom! I'm on the radio" and hit the post perfectly.

I remember it well, because I happened to hear it live on the radio and   
it was also captured on tape by Ken Rapoza/Jimmy Robinson.

>Isn't he from the Syracuse area originally?  In his 'RKO days, he always
>used to make references to a hometown called Homer....dunno if it's a   
>place or not, couldn't find it on a road atlas.

Homer, NY is located at the intersection of Rte 81 & 90 - about 15 miles   
outside of Ithica.  Try "www.mapquest.com"

Roger Kirk a.k.a. The Wizard of Music


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