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TV DXing!

The troposphere must've been working towards my advantage last night! I
turned on my television and saw th following stations:

Channel 16, WBOC-TV Delmarva - I think from Maryland or Delaware, forgive my
poor geography skills. Clear as heck, looked like a local! Kept being
interrupted by what sounded like police band broadcasts.

Channel 19, Translator for WTEN - Also VERY clear! No ID was seen for the

Channel 23, WRIW-LP Providence - Broadcasting Gold Bond and "Rock of the
80's" commercials, plus public service anouncements.

Channel 24, WEDH Hartford - CPTV

Channel 30, WVIT Hartford - NBC

Channel 34, WCRN-LP Leicester - Same old HSN Spree

Channel 43, WHAI-TV Bridgeport - Home shopping

Channel 49, WEDW Bridgeport - CPTV//WEDH

Channel 53, WEDN Norwich - CPTV//WEDH

Channel 59, I think WBNE New Haven, as no ID was given other than "WB59"

Channel 61, WTIC-TV Hartford - Fox

Channel 67, No ID given, but I know it's from Long Island, Riverhead I think
- - HSN

The Channel 16 find was great! I was up watching all night! 

                                                - Keith Barry


End of boston-radio-interest-digest V1 #85