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Re: WBOS adds '70's to playlist.

At 02:42 PM 6/27/97 -0000, Bill O'Neill wrote:
>> I was in my car this AM (Fri 6/27) and flipped to 'BOS, and they played
>> Eagles song from the '70, with a cart in advance anouncing something to
>> effect of ...and now a rock song from the 70's (or something to that
>> effect)..> 
>> Maybe trying to squeeze between 'BMX and 'EGQ?> 
>> No more "Rock of the 80's and 90's" moniker?
>I caught a very slightly different mix driving around this noontime and
>thought I heard that R - word, as well.  There does seem to be an audience
>just waiting to switch back to BOS.  To their credit, over the past 2 yrs.
>of *music* tinkering, they have not *format-switched* in a very unusual

'BOS frankly puts me to sleep, but my guess is that WBMX is having an effect
on them by playing HIT songs of that genre (I could do without Fiona Apple,
thank you) with a little livelier presentation.  Several years ago I had a
girlfriend who liked the 'BOS of that era (early-ish 90s), especially the
classic rock cuts that weren't the usual macho male stuff (Led Zeppelin,
Who, Van Halen, etc)...maybe they're trying to get that audience (what there
was of it) back.

Speaking of WEGQ...what are they trying to do these days?  Sounds like
Classic Rock Lite to me.