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Re: WBOS adds '70's to playlist.

<<On Fri, 27 Jun 1997 14:42:09 -0000, "Bill O'Neill" <billo@erols.com> said:

> be able to better discern b/w 92.5 and 92.9 a little better.  And since it
> seems XRV is in this for the long-haul (as long as Joanne Doody stays, and
> she tends to hang in there), then BOS might want to take back some of its
> center of the 25-54 demo (versus lower end of it now.)  We'll see.

Well, consider the formats of those stations Northeast Broadcasting owns:

WNCS 104.7 Montpelier (AAA)
WRJT 103.1 Royalton (// WNCS)
WSHX 95.7 Danville (// WNCS)
WXRV 92.5 Haverhill (AAA)
WHAV 1490 Haverhill (LMA by WNNW)
WKBR 1250 Manchester (purchase pending from Mr. Ketrelakis)

It would seem the ownership (some guy in Bedford, N.H.) happens to
like AAA...

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