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Re: TV DX'ing and WSBK was Ch 35

Keith Barry wrote:

>The troposphere must've been working towards my advantage last night! I
>turned on my television and saw th following stations:
>Channel 19, Translator for WTEN - Also VERY clear! No ID was seen for the

        The transmitter is on top of Mount Greylock in Adams,
Massachusetts, which is the legal ID. It's the highest point in the great
Bay State -- the top of the tower, that is.

>Channel 59, I think WBNE New Haven, as no ID was given other than "WB59"
                That's correct. It is located at and run by WTNH, channel
8, New Haven, under an LMA. BTW (per WSBK thread), WBNE has skipped some
Red Sox games, even though it supposedly is running all the channel 68
games. So, out in these parts it was better when the Sox were on channel
38--no games missed.