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Re: miCroBSoft?

At 11:21 AM 7/2/97 +0000, Dan Strassberg wrote:

>>If Microsoft does buy CBS from Westinghouse, I suppose all of the now CBS
>>stations will go with it -- including stations like WBZ and KDKA that have
>>been Westinghouse owned forever.  That would be sad.
>What a wonderful subject for months of speculation! Gates et al are sitting
>on a corporate horde of $9 billion (not counting the even greater number of
>billions in their personal stashes). Clearly, all the money is burning a
>hole in Microsoft's pocket. One can only hope that if Microsoft decides to
>proceed with this acquisition, it will prove to be the company's undoing. I
>can think of no company in American business today that--ahem--more richly
>deserves a comeuppance. What the hell do those geeks know about show business?

It's a moot point now anyway, but what did an industrial equipment
manufacturer (Westinghouse) know about show biz?  Or a tire company (General
Tire & Rubber)?  Seems to me that their stations were pretty successful.