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WSLB, Ogdensburg

Does Scott or anyone in the NY area know if WSLB, 1400-AM, Ogdensburg, NY is still on the air?

I worked there in 1971 while attending college in Ogdensburg.  The town was a real throwback to the 40's or 50's -
(reminded me of the town Will Robinson landed in on Lost in Space at Christmas, but that's another e-mail list), an
A & W Root Beer stand with car hops, movie theatre with a balcony, etc.  WSLB was located in a house in the midst
of a residential area - the nearest house was about 10 feet from the control room so we couldn't turn the monitor speaker
up enough to even hear what was going on the air.  They ID'd as Ogdensburg's full-time radio station, but operated from
7am - 8 pm year round at 1,000 watts.  The transmitter was an old 1940's Gates and it fed a self supporting tower that looked
like it was ready to fall in the next wind.
The station manager, name escapes me, had a real love affair with America and totally supported the Vietnam war effort.
At every break we had to play a "Love America" PSA (there were about a dozen, 30's and 60's).  The music format was
rock, oldies, country and jazz - figure that one out.  
The best part was shutting down the transmitter - we couldn't! If we shut it down the engineer (also the janitor, newsman, etc)
was afraid it wouldn't come back on again. So we'd sign off and then go home, with the carrier still on!

Ah, the joys of small market radio......

- -gary