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Re: Buffalo Bob

At 04:33 AM 5/12/97 +0000, you wrote:
>According to Buffalo Bob's autobiography, he started with WBEN, then went
>to WGR, and finally back to WBEN.  What are these stations now?
Yes, I thought that Smith had come to New York from WBEN, which was, I
believe, the NBC Buffalo affiliate at the time. Believe it or not, both
stations still have the same call letters and facilities that they had in
the mid forties. WGR is on 550 with 5 kW DA-N and WBEN is on 930, also with
5 kW DA-N.

I don't know whether WBEN's TV station, WBEN-TV (Channel 4, I think) is
still WBEN-TV. And I kind of doubt that WGR's TV station, WGRT (Channel 2, I
think) still has its original calls. I also doubt whether the TVs are still
commonly owned with the AMs. The one big (well, once-big), Buffalo AM that
gave up its calls when it split away from the co-owned TV is what is now
WWKB (1520 kHz 50 kW DA-1). WWKB was WKBW and the then co-owned TV on
channel 7 was (and, I believe, still is) WKBW-TV. In recent years, the
once-proud rock-and-roll powerhouse, WWKB radio, has been reduced to playing
satellite country. Last I heard, its audience share had sunk below the horizon.

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