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Re: The Rock Garden (WCGY)

I was a big fan of the original
> 'CGY.  The format was very simple..... two currents and two recurrents
> in a fifteen to twenty minute block.  

Automation Nighmares:    WCAP had the SOCOROC automation mix solely because
there were only 4 reels on the automation system 60s, core (O), recurrents
and currents (system was thankfully shipped to a beautiful music station in
Arkansas in 1982 after live assist bombed.)  

A funny WSSH autmation story, perhaps urban myth, was when they were at 4
Broadway Lowell and were "Soft Hits on Wish 99, WSSH" (way before they
decided to make any money then sell for 19.5 million to Noble) the voice
reel was missing the cue tone and cued past the letter F in SOFT.  You do
the math.  I hear that kept the pillow speakers popular until the tape
heads were cleaned  ;--)

Bill O'Neill