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Re: Can any of you explain this?

At 04:39 PM 5/10/97 +0000, you wrote:
>. The CBC has applied to move both CBM and CBL (two of the
>>best AM facilities in Canada--both 50 kW-U ND) to FM. I don't know whether
>>the CBC has filed a similar application for CBF.
>Does that mean that WJIB will be able to increase power, or does it still
>have to protect WSNG?
>        Keith
WSNG is on 610 in Torrington CT. It has nothing to do with WJIB. I think you
mean WGSM. Bob does not think that if CBL moves to FM, and there are over a
dozen competing applications, that it will have any effect on WJIB's
operation. First off, even if no station moves to the unoccupied channel,
740 will remain a Canadian clear channel, so WJIB would have to continue to
protect the Canadian border. Second, another station is most likely to take
the frequency, as happened with 1280 in Montreal. However, if, by some
bizarre chance, 740 in Toronto really does become unoccupied, although WJIB
will not be able to increase its night power, the interference will drop a
lot, and WJIB will be audible over a much larger area. In fact, I bet Bob
would get reception reports from hundreds of miles away.

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