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Re: Can any of you explain this?

On Sat, 10 May 1997, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> >
> I've asked the same question a couple of times. As far as I know, CFOX has
> been gone for a minimum of two years, and I think longer. For one thing,
> Canadian stations have been fleeing the AM band in droves--and at an
> accelerating pace. Most have gotten FM allocations. That might be what
> happened to CFOX.

  I do know at one time they were hooked up in the CKO news network based
out of Toronto.....but they were stuggling when CKGM (980 at the time)
switched to a TOP 40 format in the early 70's.
> And CFOX broadcast in English. With the departure of most of the Anglophone
> population from Montreal, it would be no surprise if CFOX threw in the
> towel. BTW, although CFOX was 10 kW-U and in its heyday in the 60s was _the_
> top 40 station in Montreal, I recall that it had a pretty awful signal in
> Montreal. Wasn't the TX a _long_ way south of the city?

  The xmtr site was (is) in Chateauguay which was about 15 miles s/w of
the city... (keep in mind that although Montreal Island streets run on a
NSEW grid system, the island itself almost runs north south (so Sherbrooke
and St Catherine Sts are in reality more North/South than East/West)

 Actually with the exception of CBM, none of the english stations in
Montreal had what could be called a "good" signal. The old CFCF (600)
which can trace its routes to 1919 and Marconi himself, CJAD (800) and
CKGM (now 990) all had terrible nightime patterns. I can remember back in
the early 70's that baseball fans who wanted to listen to the Expo games
at Parc Jarry needed to tune into WVMT Burlington instead of CFCF.

 And for you pattern buffs try looking up the paper work on CJRN (710)
Niagara Falls, Ont to see how they protect WOR New York.