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RE: Lyric edits/insertions

Bill Piacentini Wrote:
>This also got me to thinking of how many songs were recorded where the
record company inserted the call letters of the station in the lyrics on   
"demo" copy of a song.
>The one song I remember (although the title and female artist elude me   
the moment) goes something like "I put on the radio ... WRKO(or whatever
station) ... Your kisses bring me higher ... fire"
>There must be more songs but I can't think of any at the moment.
>That was definitely an air play guarantee.

The song you refer to was Fire by The Pointer Sisters. (written by Bruce   
This song (and some others) were tracked by the original singers as a   
"thank you" for playing previous songs.

Others were "created" by studio singers mimicing the original artists.  I   
believe that WRKO played a few of them.  One was by the (Diana-less)   
Supremes and I think there was an Osmonds one.  Funny how one's mind   
retains the superficial and important details evaporate.  The PD was   
proud of having these to air, but because of the intense "war" between   
'RKO & 'MEX, details were kept under wraps but the word was that it was a   
creation of Joey Reynolds.  They were, however, used sparingly.