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Re: First in FM Rock in Boston......

OK, here's my take on the first FM rock... the first that I know of was WRPI
from the college... they used to have a Saturday afternoon show called
"Campus Session where they played the Top 40 for about five hours.  Thje rest
of the time, they were (beleive it or not) MOR.  WVCR from Siena College also
played some.  But during my high school years, they were the only FM rock on.

WFLY switched to full time Top 40/oldies in about 1969-70 after being firmly
entrenched as the classical muic station in the area.  They switched to
beautiful music in '71 or so.   WHSH (106.5) was Top 40 for a while in the
early 70's.  WGFM, known as Rock 99 for several years, had a very successful
totally automated Top 40 format in the mid '70's.

I appreciate the information about 'RKO-FM.  Wished I got a chance to hear

Rick Kelly