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Re: Quad sound, was: First in FM Rock in Boston......

On Wed, 7 May 1997 ehenness@natick-amed02.army.mil wrote:

> How many other stations gave it a try in New England?  Did it fail for 
> technical reasons, or because the public never really embraced quad 
> receivers?  Did quad work similarly to stereo with a pilot tone for a 
> decoder?

Well, we broadcast our Saturday night BSO concerts in quad for a while in
cooperation with WGBH-FM.  It was discrete quad, two channels on WGBH and
the other two on WCRB.  You needed two stereo receivers to get all four
channels, but there were no special decoders required.

Richard L. Kaye was the architect of the experiment, as he was of the AM -
FM stereo broadcasts we did in the fifties.

Rob Landry