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For some reason, this post reminded me of the WCLB-WKLB story....

WCLB was a bit dismayed that their numbers weren't showing the audience that
they thought they *really* had after they switched to country....And someone
there got the notion that WCRB 102.5(classical) was getting arbitron
ascriptions that were intended for 105.7 (WCRB had started to grow as a

So, the brainchilds at WCLB decided to change their calls to WKLB....!

The result?  WKLB's ratings show lower numbers....

And WCRB's numbers appeared even higher yet!

Another one for the brains at 'Fairbanks Communications!"
(Yes, Mr. Fairbanks, Yes, Mr. Fairbanks, Whatver you say Mr. Fairbanks....)

Date: Wednesday, 30-Apr-97 07:23 AM

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