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Re: Connecticut TV

Steve Low responds to a CT TV post:

>> > Yes, WHNB were channel 30's call letters until June 1978, when Viacom 
>> bought the station and changed them to WVIT.
>Is my memory failing, or was it channel 30 that launched the controversial
>experimental pay TV service developed by Zenith, I believe? What was the
>year(s) and what was that service called? I just can't remember.

I think that may have been channel 18 in Hartford on such a system, but I'm 
not sure.   After that, I think they were dark, became WHCT "Hartford 
Catholic TV" (owned, I think by the Archdiocese of Hartford), went dark in 
the mid-late 1970s, then came back as WHCT again, as an independent, in the 
mid '80s, then went dark again...

There seems to be a jink on that station.

Is channel 43 in Bridgeport still on the air?  I recall a flurry of 
activity on YHF in the '80s, starting with WTIC-TV 61 (the only really 
successful one of the group that got on the air, including 43, 26, and 18).

Ed Hennessy