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Re: Connecticut TV

>On Wed, 9 Apr 1997 ehenness@natick-amed02.army.mil wrote:
>> There was also another call between the time channel 4 in NYC became WNBC 
>> and channel 30 became WVIT.  I just can't remember what it was, and I don't 
>> have references handy.
>I believe it was WHNB, perhaps for Hartford-New Britain.

Yes, WHNB were channel 30's call letters until June 1978, when Viacom 
bought the station and changed them to WVIT.

Their slogan was "NBC, TV/30" and boasted they were "Connecticut's Most 
Colorful TV Station."  I don't remember the call letters for the channel 
59 or 79 translators.  The Western New England TV Guide at the time 
listed all these NBC stations in regular white-on-black bullets:

     4 20 22 30 32 59 79

from Boston, Waterbury, Springfield, New Britain, Greenfield, West Haven 
and Torrington!

I also thought WATR Waterbury (channel 20) was also called WNBC at one 
time.  I guess both WHCT Hartford (channel 18) and WHNB New Britain 
(channel 30) were owned by CBS and NBC at the same time.