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W. New England Radio & TV

<<On Wed, 09 Apr 1997 23:14:56 EDT, n1lzc@juno.com (Mark Casey) said:

> The last time I checked ---it's been awhile --- Ch 51 was running CH 13
> out of Albany
> at translator power --less than 1000 watts-- from Mt Greylock in Adams
> Mass. My  dad
> gets its P1(thats clear or best possible signal) at his house inHampden,
> Mass, just
> up the ridge from me. Berkshire county needs something up there besides
> CH 19,
> a satellite of CH 10, Albany. Hope that they get their 200kw!!.

The 200-kW station is W51BZ New Haven... nowhere near Pittsfield.

The Pittsfield allocation has never been built as full-power station,
and may never be, since Pappas has to get a waiver from the FCC's
self-imposed filing deadline in order to have their application acted
upon.  There was a previous permittee, but they never built.  In any
case, any full-power station licensed to Pittsfield would be an Albany

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