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Re: WITS.....man, what station ;) !

Dan Strassberg posted:

>Remember that, back
>then, they could not ID as (say) WITS Woburn-Boston unless they met the
>signal requirements for stations licensed to Boston.

Ah.  I'd forgotten about this part of the rule.  This also prevented many 
tie-ins, I'm sure.  

I'm reminded of one odd circumstance in a dual COL situation.  WKSS 
Hartford-Meriden (Connecticut) has *always* had a dual COL.  There are a 
couple of odd things here.  One is that Hartford is listed first, rather 
than it being listed second to tie a suburb into a larger city.  Another 
odd thing is that their transmitter site is West Peak in Meriden.  At least 
one other station uses that location and did then, with comparable 
facilities, but is licensed to Hartford only.   Is this the vagaries of FCC 
licensing, or something to do with the original allocation for 95.7, or 
something else?

Ed Hennessy