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Re: WITS.....man, what station ;) !

Kevin Vahey wrote:

>   Concerning WEZE as I try to jog my brain.....  if I remember right they
> went to oldies in the fall of 1972?????? (I can recall Gary Martin trying
> to stay awake on the overnight shift)....how long did oldies last and was
> that the last format before religion?
>  On another note, did you see the Globe today about the lack of a Red Sox
> station on the cape?


Salem took over Mid April, 1977.   Prior to that, Bill McCormick was trying 
various formats.  Al Makkay was the manager (see below).  Frankly, I'm not 
sure what it was when we took over.  Seems to me some variation on AOR.

Yeah...I guess Al Makkay (owner of WCIB, WPXC, WRZE) decided he couldn't make 
enough money on the Red Sox.  He's probably right.  I guess the fees are 
tremendous.  I'd like to see somebody pick 'em up here though.  WEEI is not 
easy to get at night.
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