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Ed Miller, Hank Bouchard and crew......

     Ed Miller, the host of the "Dialing for Dollars, 2 o'clock Movie" on
Channel 7 passed away in July, 1971 as a result of complications of his
life-long battle with hemophelia.  He was a Boston institution for MANY
years at the WNAC stations (WNAC-TV, WNAC Radio and WRKO-FM).  Hank
Bouchard, host of Channel 7's "Money Movie at 4" in 1968 and later on
was staff announcer and host "Dialing for Dollars" on WPRI-TV, Channel 12
in Providence died last year of an undisclosed ailment.  He was THE voice
of Channel 12.
     Dr. Fred Ward and Barbara Borin are somewhere out there in TV Land
living their lives out of the business.  Or it would seem like that.

- -Pete-

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