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Re: R.I.P. WNDS/TV-50 (9/3/83 - 4/5/97)

At 11:31 AM 4/5/97 -0500, Doug Bassett wrote:

>Kojak, and Star Trek TNG are still listed to appear. Imagine the ire of
>viewers when they tune in Wednesday evening hoping to see Tim Conway and Don
>Knotts in "The Private Eyes", but instead they see someone hawking cheap

That's nothing. Think of the ire of someone intent on buying this stuff if
Babylon 5 popped up instead!

I can't wait for the first fully digital, high definition home shopping
channel as America pioneers again.

At 01:42 AM 4-5-1997 -0500, PETER GEORGE, N1GGP wrote:
>     It is a shame to see a good independent like Channel 50 go down the
>toilet.  All that work in getting total cable coverage and this is what
>happens.  I really enjoyed my "Star Trek" fix at midnight.  Man, what
>a week.....we lose the "fX apartment" and "Mission:Impossible" for the
>new "FX", Channel 50 dies.  What next ?

None of this would happen if the government owned all media :-)

- -Pete