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Re: 1967 radio

At 07:02 PM 4/5/97 -0500, Donna Halper wrote:
 And speaking of
>evenings, at WBZ there was Bruce Bradley (who also did Saturday

In the mid 60s I was living in Vermont, so I'll have to take your word on
the FMs, but I somehow recall Bruce Bradley doing SUNDAY afternoons, not
The way I recall 'BZ's weekend schedule to be:

Sat..6-9:30 Carl DeSuze
9:30-2:30   Jay Dunn
2:30-7(?)   ?
7-11:30     Jeff Kaye (replaced by Ron Landry in '66)
overnite    Dick Summer

Sunday 6-9:30  Carl DeSuze (on tape)
9:30-2:30   Dave Maynard (top 30 countdown)
2:30-6      Bruce
6-8         Jeff Kaye/Ron Landry Hootenanny (replaced in 67 with Dick
Summer's             Subway)

I can't for the life of me remember who did Saturday afternoons...obviously
someone else pulled a 7 day week (yuck) since I don't remember that shift
being pre-recorded (it was easy to tell when it was recorded...a noticeable
loss of audio quality.  The difference was audible even ~100 mi away!)
Don't think BZ used weekenders.  

I always liked the way the airshifts ended on the half hour so the jocks
could do a hand-off...I met Carl DeSuze once and he told me it was by design
to give the impression of the station being one group of people as opposed
to a collection of individual shows.  Somewhere, I still have a few of these
handoffs on tape.