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Re: Early WRKO

On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, Ed Cochran wrote:

> mind the first days of WRKO-AM.  Anyone remember the first line-up of
> jocks when WNAC and the Yankee Network died and WRKO started?  Wasn't
> it:
> Al Gates 6-9a
> John Rode 9-12n
> Joel Cash 12n-3p
> J.J. Jefferies 3p-6p
> Arnie Ginsberg 6p-9p
> ??        9p-12m
  How could you forget Chuck Knapp :)

  A few months later Gary Martin came in to do overnights.....

  If I remember right, there was about a month transition between formats,
and I can recall Ed Miller from Dialing for Dollars spinning records.

  Big winner in all of this was probably Roy Leonard, who landed at WGN
Chicago and became a legend.