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K Barry writes:

> In the Boston Globe, there was an article about the [bill...]
> requiring all small TV stations to be 
> included on the local cable systems - WHRC, WGOT, and W54CN were all 
> mentioned! WHRC will increase their possible viewers from 500,000 to 1 
> million (and actual viewers from 1 to 2) and WGOT/W54CN from 1 million to 
> 1.5 million. WABU and WUNI are also included. 
>   Another interesting point is that Lawrence "Bud" Paxson said that if he 
> got enough new affiliates, he would change his band of small, infomercial 
> only stations to "worthwile programming" (probably religion) and form a 
> network to compete with the WB and UPN (that aint much!).

Has the switch happened already?  Channel 54's showing the "Worship" 
network, with a program of gospel music videos now (1 am Thursday).  

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Richard Aquinas Chonak, rac@gabriel.cambridge.ma.us