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RE: Metro drives off

> I've listened to Metro Traffic for the past 3 years (while commuting on   
> Rte 3) and Rte 3 (a major feeder to 128) gets really spotty coverage.   
>  Unless someone calls in or the State Police are involved - it's like it   
> doesn't exist.  Does any traffic reporting service really, truly cover   
> Rte 3 with any degree of integrity?

Ever tried trying to get Rt. 3 SOUTH news? On the South Shore, it is 
impossible to get the traffic, even on "local" (yuh, right!) WPLM AM/FM. 
I think that a true traffic service with actual helicopters and things is 
a lot better than Joe Schmoe driving around telling about car breakdowns 
- - how does anyone know if they are accurate? I had a friend who worked 
for Metro in Boston and was (obviously) very upset about the change - he 
lost his job. He said some bad things about Shadow!
						K. Barry