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Re: WVNJ, Oakland NJ

At 12:15 AM 3/31/97 +0000, Dan Strassberg wrote:
>I just returned from a quick trip to New York and have this to report:
>This suburban New York City station is on 1160 and has just doubled its day
>power. WVNJ is now 20 kW-D/2.5 kW-N DA-2. The TX is in Oakland, not far from
>the New York Line (south of Rockland County). Studios are in Teaneck. 

This isn't the original holder of the WVNJ heritage calls. (I thought to
look this up because I remember WVNJ from growing up in the 60s in
Brooklyn, and it sure didn't match this pattern or dial slot.) The original
WVNJ was at 620 -- it became WSKQ in the 80s, I believe.

This format, I think, could still find a niche in the NYC area -- but,
sadly, most potential listeners aren't where this signal is strongest.