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On Sun, 30 Mar 1997 Jibguy@aol.com wrote:

> WXGL was sold for $97k with no real estate.  Seemed like a high price to me
> for a Class A FM.  Now, for WCME-FM Boothbay Harbor.... the real estate is
> the Route 1 site near Wiscasset, NOT the "lighthouse" in Freeport on I-95.

A. Joseph Ross, J.D. wrote: "How can a station be sold without real estate?"

WXGL leases tower space in Brunswick, Maine.  The station has never owned
it's tower, which is not that unusual.  I believe WXGL is on a tower with a
two-way radio repeater and maybe a cellular phone cell.  The station was
operating from a building Bob Cole owns in Freeport.  I assume the new owners
will lease space from him, or more likely move the studios to a new location.

As for Cole's other station WCME, which is currently dark and for sale.  Cole
owns the tower and transmitter site on US Route 1 in Newcastle.  I assume
that if the new owner does not buy the real estate, they would sign a long
term lease on the property.  It would seem impractical to move the tower.  It
was only put up about seven years ago after the station moved from it's
original transmitter/studio location on Westport Island.