Still amazed at WSRO's Digital quality!

Sat May 7 19:14:39 EDT 2022

> Hybrid mode spews garbage over 30 KHz of the dial. It's also harder to pull off, requiring a lot more bandpass flattening than all-digital. And it doesn't sound as good; the stations I've heard running hybrid have all sounded "watery", like a 24 kbps MP3 stream.

The only people I have heard complain about the "spewing" are radio aficionados and DX-ers.

> A few years ago, my car was in the shop and they offered me a rental for the day. I punched up WBZ for "traffic on the 3s" and immediately realized the car had HD Radio from the "watery" audio I heard.

It couldn't have sounded as bad as WBZ does now in analogue on todays (awful) car radios.     😉  AM radio is virtually unlistenable on my 2018 Honda.  


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