American Top 40 in the Boston market

Scott Fybush
Tue Mar 2 10:03:43 EST 2021

It was more than a loose affiliation... until Westinghouse bought CBS in
'95, the ABC affiliation was our primary one and we did a lot with them,
including having Gary LaPierre fill in for Paul Harvey and having WBZ
talent appear on ABC newscasts. When I started in 1992, the only other
affiliations we had were CNN Radio and the AP audio service.

So it's very possible that WBZ had first refusal on AT40 - and in its
full-service days, it fit decently with the format.

On Tue, Mar 2, 2021, 9:22 AM Shawn Mamros <> wrote:

> WBZ was still playing music up until the 1991-92 timeframe, so it wouldn't
> have been out of line for them to run AT40. I'm not sure if network
> affiliation would have been a factor as well, but it could have been.  They
> had at least a loose affiliation with ABC Radio at the time.
> -Shawn
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> From: Matthew Osborne <>
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> Subject: American Top 40 in the Boston market
> This weekend something popped into my mind from the past that never made
> much sense to me.  Maybe someone on this list might have some more insight
> into it...In the Boston market, the show 'American Top 40 with Casey Kasem'
> used to run on WBZ 1030 from 1985 until sometime around 1991.  Why in the
> world did this run here and not on Kiss 108 or even WZOU during this time
> period?  Did Sunny Joe White and/or whoever programmed WZOU at the time not
> care for the show?  Everywhere else I came across the show during this
> time, it was on a CHR FM station except for Boston.
> If anyone has any inside knowledge on why this was please share.
> Matthew OsborneWest Sand Lake, NY

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