WSRO (650) MA-3 digital signal

Garrett Wollman
Sun Dec 5 00:51:00 EST 2021

On Friday I had to drive out to our remote data center in Holyoke, and
did spend some time checking out the 650 HD signal.  Of course, since
I was driving west from Framingham I was on the back side of the
directional pattern the whole time.

Daytime, the 650 signal was reasonably copyable all the way to Route
146 in Worcester, albeit with the usual "overpass fade" that we all
remember from traditional AM mediumwave.  Coming back after sunset,
my car radio could detect the HD carrier starting at about Millbury
(Route 122) but did not lock until just about the Hopkinton line,
about a mile west of I-495.

Still a pretty decent signal; MetroWest has about half a million
people, most of whom live in towns with no meaningful transit service,
so the in-car listening potential is significant if Langer can figure
out how to sell that audience to advertisers.


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