WBCN, Channel-13, and the old Hancock tower

Martin Waters martinjwaters@yahoo.com
Wed Dec 1 17:35:14 EST 2021

     WHCN-FM in Hartford lists a start date of May 13, 1939, as W1XPW. It was the station that relayed Armstrong's transmissions from Alpine to the station in Massachusetts when he began broadcasting. IIRC, Armstrong and Doolittle first did some experimental relays from Alpine to W1XPW, whose transmitter was on top of Meriden Mountain/West Peak in Meriden, Conn.
     W1XPW was set up by Franklin Doolittle, owner of WDRC (AM) in Hartford, in cooperation with Armstrong. It became WDRC-FM, but is unrelated to today's WDRC-FM.
    The original FM station was sold in 1957 to owners who changed the calls to WHCN later on. WHCN, as well as WDRC-FM and some other Hartford market FM's still transmit from Meriden Mountain.
     When I was last up there about 17 years ago, the original, disused W1XPW/WDRC-FM tower was still there.
    On Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 12:30:10 PM EST, Rob Landry <011010001@interpring.com> wrote:  
According to Wikipedia, WSRS was first licensed as W1XTG in 1940 on 43.4 
MHz in the old 42 - 50 MHz FM band. I believe it was actually the second 
FM to be licensed in New England, after one set up by Major Armstrong just 
up the hill at the end of Asnebumskit Road. Armstrong's station does not 
survive, but his tower is still there and is used by WICN and WBPR (WUMB).


On Wed, 1 Dec 2021, A Joseph Ross wrote:

> WSRS, which used to be WTAG-FM?  What's its story?

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