update on WGBH RF-5 power increase

George Allen geo.allen@comcast.net
Mon Oct 12 12:07:54 EDT 2020


This STA is dated 9/15/20, replacing the one that expired several 
months ago.  It looks like it hasn't been granted yet.  At the bottom 
of that page is a link to "WGBH-TV_STA_request_ENG_09-04-2019.pdf", 
which has a nice summary of how we got here, including this on why 
digital low-band VHF is problematic, similar to what Scott Fybush 
posted here July 15:

Problems with digital low-band VHF reception experienced by other 
stations have been
widely publicized since the digital transition in 2009. It has been 
established that indoor
reception is difficult for digital low band VHF stations such as 
WGBH-TV due to the longer
wavelength signal's inability to readily pass through buildings (the 
windows are smaller than the
wavelength size), the ineffectiveness of many indoor antennas (many 
of which were designed to
emphasize the shorter wavelengths for UHF reception), and high levels 
of manmade and
environmental noise.

See also  https://transition.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?facid=72099  and of 
course the rabbitears.info page: 

Does anyone have any info on when this might actually happen?
   --   George [a cable cutter in Swampscott]

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