WGBH/WGBX/ RF ch 5 is much better

George Allen geo.allen@comcast.net
Thu May 28 17:16:04 EDT 2020

Below from WGBH via email today.  This is actually good news for me, 
since altho it seemed to get somewhat better last Feb. as noted 
below, there's more to come.

On Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 11:25 AM, George Allen<geo.allen@comcast.net> wrote:
About a week ago I noticed that WGBH's RF5 HD signal was much
improved.  Last we heard, they had delayed the power increase to
mid-March [their outreach email], but maybe things went much fast
than expected.  The signal here in Swampscott [line of site to the 
towers] is not
great  -- "33%" signal strength on my TV, whatever that means; most
Boston [Needham/Newton farm] UHF stations come in at around 80% 
here.  The RF-5 picture
is watchable, even without extending the indoor Terk rabbit
ears [all the way].  That's a huge difference from a month or 2 ago 
where maybe I
could kinda sorta maybe get a picture with the rabbit ears fully
extended, positioned just right, etc etc.
Anyone have info if they have indeed made the change to 34kW?

On 4/28 I wrote:
Re: Channels 2-1 and 44-1 gone again in my part of Brooklne
RF-5 is watchable in Swampscott.  65% strength with indoor rabbit 
ears fully extended.  It's been this way for a month or 2, compared 
to early this year when it was just barely there and not really 
watchable.  I can see the towers from here tho.

From: "info@wgbh.org" <info@wgbh.org>
To: "geo.allen@comcast.net" <geo.allen@comcast.net>
Subject: WGBH's Transmitter Power Increase Update

Dear Viewer,
I'm reaching out again with an update about WGBH's broadcasting 
frequency boost project. The previously scheduled FCC-authorized 
power upgrade is temporarily on hold, pending the mitigation of the 
COVID-19 pandemic. To date, all parts and materials needed for the 
upgrade have arrived. We are now waiting for an installation date, 
when our team can safely perform the work at our Needham TV 
transmission tower to upgrade our "over-the-air" signal from 6.9kW to 
34.5kW. The boost is a significant one and we expect it to make a 
considerable difference in our communities throughout New England.

Please know that we are eagerly awaiting the completion of the 
project - improving your reception of our high definition broadcasts 
of WGBH 2 and WGBX 44. Much has changed during the past few months 
with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, and WGBH has been impacted 
as have so many of us have, but we do look forward to bringing you 
quality programming in the highest standard of transmission available 
as soon as we can realistically do it. As you can imagine, it takes a 
number of technicians working high up on a tower in close proximity 
to make these installations. There is no room for social distancing up there!

I appreciate your efforts to help make this power upgrade possible by 
contributing to our successful FCC petition for a stronger signal. 
Thank you for your unwavering support of WGBH programs and services. 
Truly, we will always need your help to carry out our long-standing 
mission of education and public service stretching back to our very 
first transmitter, in 1951, on Milton's "Great Blue Hill," - which, 
if you didn't know, is why we are WGBH!

Thank you again for your patience. I promise to alert you when the 
work is complete. In the meantime, please feel free to touch base 
with the Audience & Member Services team at info@wgbh.org or 
617-300-5400 (M-F; 9-5) with any questions you may have.

Best Regards,
Zack Finn
Associate Director of Development - Audience and Member Services

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