FYI: The Secret Oil Patch Roots of 'Summer Breeze' - Texas Monthly

Sat Mar 14 17:25:54 EDT 2020

Was reading this article about the origins of the song: Summer Breeze from
Texas Monthly, and came across an interesting notation about Boston radio.
Anyone know anything about this.and would have been "one of the city's most
popular radio stations"?  (WRKO? WHDH? WBZ?)

While Jim and Dash were on tour in Boston, Marcia Day, shrewd as ever,
convinced them that while they were there, they should make a pilgrimage to
one of the city's most popular radio stations and play "Summer Breeze" for a
DJ. Day knew that in an often impersonal business, a personal touch can make
all the difference. She made the appointment, her boys arrived with the
album, and they played the record for the DJ, nervously watching as he
listened intently to the song they'd worked so hard to get right. When it
was over, he looked up and delivered the news: "Summer Breeze" was going
into rotation.


Thought this might be of interest...:

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