The Mount Rushmore of Boston Radio

Garrett Wollman
Sun Apr 5 16:39:47 EDT 2020

I thought about doing this myself, but even though I've lived in
Boston for 26 years now, I don't have a strong connection with the
radio personalities, other than maybe Norm Nathan and Steve LeVeille;
I never listened to personality radio here.  I couldn't do it for
Burlington-Plattsburgh, either, because my listening was pretty
constrained -- I don't know anyone from WIZN or WOKO or WEZF or any of
the stations that got dropped in over the past 30 years.  (If I had to
come up with names from my golden age of radio listening, it would be
Ernie Farrar, Louie Manno and Jim Condon, Ken Squier, Walt Speck and
Dena Yasner.  Of those still alive, I don't think any are in the
business any more, although Yasner moved to Phoenix and is now doing
V/O work there.)


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