repack phase six

Sun Oct 20 16:42:21 EDT 2019

Is all this 're-paking' and virtual TV stations confusing to anyone else? 
Maybe because I am a cable subscribber (for now) I don't have to "get it". 
However, it makes me wonder how this is affecting audeinces. 
.    I know that Ch 10's newscasts are not doing that well....but it appears 
that the NBC programs are being found by those who want them.
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> Channels 7, 38, and 56 have moved to their new channels. So far the change 
> seems to be a plus for reception in Stoneham. Meanwhile 68 was unavailable 
> when I checked this morning.-- RCSent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE device------  
> Original message------From: Richard ChonakDate: Wed, Oct 16, 2019 2:05 
> AMTo: Boston Radio Interest Board;Cc: Subject:repack phase sixI see that 
> WHDH (7) and WSBK (38) are scheduled to move to different RF
> channels in the upcoming FCC repack phase this week (info from
> Does anyone know when they will be off-air and back?
> --RC

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