Dan Donovan and House Names

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And at least one of the Melvin X. Melvins occasionally also called 
himself Melvin X. Ugly.

On 6/17/2019 1:29 AM, Glenn Spatola wrote:
> There were indeed lots of Dan Donovans, and a few Fenways, but as I recall,
> not many Melvin X. Melvins. IMHO, the longest running and by far the best
> Melvin X. Melvin was Joe Jeffries, aka J.J. Jeffrey!!
> Glenn Spatola
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> I think there were lots of Dan Donovans.
> Sometime in the mid-1980s, WROR had a Rock & Roll Reunion Weekend, in
> which Arnie Ginsburg said they were having a Dan Donovan convention in
> Fenway Park, and they were drawing straws, and the one with the shortest
> straw would be on as Dan Donovan.? The next day, whoever was there as
> Dan Donovan said that he was the last Dan Donovan.? He described coming
> to Boston and going to see Max Richmond about a job.? Richmond said that
> for his audition, he could go on that day as Dan Donovan.? When he was
> done, he was given the slot permanently, and the guy who had been Dan
> Donovan was turned into Johnny Dark and moved to the overnight shift.
> Mel Miller was on the Reunion Weekend, and he said he was also Melvin X.
> Melvin.? I think there were several Melvin X. Melvins, but I wonder
> whether there were several Mel Millers.
> I taped part of the Reunion Weekend, and I think I probably have an
> edited version somewhere on a cassette.
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