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A. Joseph Ross
Fri Jun 14 19:12:31 EDT 2019

Maybe the person at the FCC or FRC was a former scout.

On 6/14/2019 8:51 AM, Rob Landry wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Jun 2019, Donna Halper wrote:
>> Long, long ago-- way back before Gary or I were born-- there were no 
>> N's or AA's.
> When I was licensed in the mid '70's, there were no vanity calls. Real 
> old timers had KnXX or WnXX; slightly less old folks had KnXXX or 
> WnXXX, and recently licensed hams were all WAnXXX or WBnXXX (except 
> for Novice licensees, who were all WNnXXX).
> I wondered how the Boy Scouts managed to get K2BSA, because there was 
> no provision in the Rules at the time for call signs to be assigned 
> other than sequentially.
> Rob

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