Call Letters Meaning on Wikipedia

Jim Hall
Mon Jun 10 10:44:15 EDT 2019

I am always amazed at the "Call Letters Meaning" section of entries for
radio and TV stations on Wikipedia. I wonder who writes them (and why). For
example, WNEU in Merrimack NH has listed that its call letters stand for
"New (or Nueva)

England (or InglatErra)/TelemUndo" whereas WHDH-TV in Boston has the entry
"sequentially assigned to former sister station WHDH (AM), We Have Digital
History" (I point out that if the call letters were 'sequentially assigned'
they had no meaning, and I doubt the word "digital" was much in use in 1929
when WHDH started up). I almost expect WBZ to be listed as "We Battle

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