Eli Polonsky
Tue Feb 12 02:07:02 EST 2019

Though there will be some simulcasting, the low-power full-time
simulcasting was just to put some programming on the signals while
satisfying the FCC's requirements to keep the license active. If not for
doing that, the licenses could have been deleted for the stations being off
the air for too long.

I've heard that weekday mornings 6-10 AM, probably on both AM stations,
will be a simulcast of the WATD-FM morning news program, which may expand
its coverage to include the areas of the new signals. Then after that,
separate programming will run on both stations much (but not necessarily
all) of the time. I've heard some second-hand speculation of formats, but
not definite enough to say. However, like WATD-FM they will likely be
mainly music formats after 10 AM, with frequent community service and
information elements.


On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 11:55 PM A Joseph Ross <> wrote:

> Any idea what programming they're going to run on the AM stations?  Will
> they continue to simulcast WATD-FM or does Ed have other plans?
> On 2/11/2019 2:17 PM, Eli Polonsky wrote:
> I've heard that the current tentative plan is to get both 1510 WMEX and
> 1460 WATD (AM) on the air with their intended licensed (CP) powers late
> this spring, May or June.
> Both the current broadcast of 1460 WATD and last summer/fall's broadcast
> of 1510 WMEX, both simulcasting WATD-FM, are/were temporary low power
> broadcasts improvised for the purpose of putting a signal on the
> frequencies to prevent the FCC from deleting the licenses.
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