Northeast HamXposition - help needed

Bob DeMattia
Fri Aug 23 13:19:04 EDT 2019

My apologies for this being off-topic, but it seems the best way for me to
reach a few audio-savvy individuals,
all my other avenues are exhausted, and time is getting short.

As many of you may know the ham convention formerly known as "Boxboro!",
and now
known as "Northeast HamXposition" is coming to the Boxboro Regency in
on Sept 6,7, and 8.   The convention is a non-profit organization staffed
100% by volunteers.
The proceeds of the convention provide funding for academic scholarships
through the
ARRL Foundation.

Our regular crew that sets up the audio systems (microphones, cabling,
mixers, amps, speakers)
in each of the six forum rooms is not available this year.  I'm hoping to
find one or two individuals
that might be willing to volunteer a couple hours of their time to help
with this effort.

This is pretty simple stuff - we have all the equipment - but with so many
other things getting set up
at the same time a few knowledgeable individuals to ensure this gets done
would be really appreciated.

Setup can be done anytime on Thursday September 5th (morning, afternoon, or
evening), or even
Friday morning as long as the two conference rooms needed for Friday are
ready by 10AM (the others
are not needed until Saturday).

If you are interested in helping, please let me know by reply email to

Thanks in advance,
Bob - K1IW

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