indoor antennas

Richard Chonak
Mon Aug 5 20:42:38 EDT 2019

I'm almost outside 128, in Stoneham, 15 mi NE of Needham, and am trying 
out a Clearstream 2MAX antenna outdoors on my deck, pointed in various 
directions.  At best it brings in 40 channels with or without an 
amplifier, and sometimes 44 channels when WCSH 6 and its subs appear, 
but 2.1 isn't on the list. Channel scans linger tantalizingly on RF 5, 
but never lock in.

But maybe that will change: a note came from WGBH Audience Services 
today saying that they are preparing a petition to the FCC for a 
"maximization of power".


On 8/4/2019 4:33 AM, Scott Fybush wrote:
> Where are you located? For indoor use in areas with fairly strong VHF 
> signals, my go-to is the Terk HDTVa. It ought to be decent for WGBH in 
> most areas within 128. Beyond that, you'd need something more.

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