Still an NBC issue

Scott Fybush
Fri Aug 2 17:24:06 EDT 2019

I'm pretty sure the issue here is with TiVo not updating the information 
it's pushing to your box. (And again, they should have been ready for 
this.) It sounds like the box can only tune to the channels the 
mothership says it should be receiving, and if they're not updating for 
WGBX's new RF channel of 32, you're out of luck until they do.

Can you get WGBX 44.1 over TiVo? Or 44.3?

On 8/2/2019 5:21 PM, Larry Sochrin wrote:
> Thanks.  When NBC local station started operating, I couldn’t get it on any channel although others right near me in Brookline, MA could.  According to the newspapers then, after lots of complaints to the state’s Senators, they added 15.1 and it worked fine.
> But now, after the rescan, 15.1 works fine for NBC for others near me in Brookline but gets me nothing. Nor do any of the other alternatives NBC claims to work (60, 8). I’ve been on never—ending hold with the number the NBC Boston station says to call which is the FCC Rescan Info help line.
>> On Aug 2, 2019, at 2:00 PM, Scott Fybush <> wrote:
>> NBC's primary signal is now WYCN-CD, virtual 15.1, channel share (now on RF 32) with WGBX. I can confirm the RF 32/virtual 15.1 signal is on the air - I'm watching it right now from the tuner in Newton to which I have remote access.
>> WBTS-LD, virtual 8.1, RF 46 is still on the air but will be going away soon.
>> WNEU has completed its move to Needham and is no longer carrying NBC on 60.2, as best I can tell. 60.2 is now TeleXitos.
>> The TiVo people REALLY ought to have known this was happening and shouldn't be taken by surprise...
>> s
>> On 8/2/2019 1:01 PM, Larry Sochrin wrote:
>>> And I spent an hour on the phone with a TiVo person, we shall see.
>>> My biggest concern now is that, as was true a year or two ago, the only way I’d get NBC was on 15.1 whereas the other options they offered worked in nearby apartments (I’m in Brookline, MA) but not mine.  So they added 15.1 and that worked.  As of this morning, 15.1 doesn’t come in at all in my living room at all and the others don’t either, and my call to NBC10’s support for this gets me put on hold at the FCC and on one ever answers.
>>> Does anyone know the frequencies that NBC is using, since TiVO mainly seems to want to know frequencies.
>>>> On Aug 2, 2019, at 12:24 PM, Scott Fybush <> wrote:
>>>> I've heard of issues here in Rochester with TiVo's lists not corresponding to what's now actually on the air, too.
>>>> I have access to a Plex/HDHR system in Newton and rescanned it this morning. It has no trouble seeing WGBH on RF5 (which has not been the case for some friends in central Mass.), and it's picking up some channels that Plex hasn't updated yet in its guide.
>>>> Most notably, WGBH has put a 44.2 subchannel on WGBX to carry the WGBH 2.1 programming in SD. (As I expected they would do, and I still expect it will end up in HD sooner rather than later there.)
>>>> s
>>>> On 8/2/2019 12:18 PM, wrote:
>>>>> At present, my Plex DVR software isn't in sync with my HDHomeRun tuner either.
>>>>> Some DVR systems depend on program guide data from companies such as Gracenote; they use yoir zip code to generate a list of stations in your market. This can cause discrepancies between your TV tuner"s data and the channel list in the DVR software.
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>>>>> I rescanned this morning, both a standalone TV and a TiVO connected to another TV.  The stand alone TV came through just  fine but my TiVO only has the signal for channel 7.1, and nothing for any other channels, although it shows the station names, logos, and program guide info but no audio or video. TiVo support isn’t open for an hour and I’m not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

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