WGBH-TV coverage after August 2

Alexander Svirsky as@shawsheen.com
Fri Aug 2 12:32:23 EDT 2019

It's an interesting mess. I rescanned this morning before work to see  
what happened.

WGBH 2-1 is gone as expected, but there is 2-2 and 2-3 WGBH-SD  
presumably from WGBX. 2-3 picture is SD quality. I hope this isn't the  
replacement for WGBH 2-1.
WBZ is fine.
WCVB is weaker than expected with difficult reception.
WGBX/WYCN appears stronger. This was a difficult signal to receive  
before today and I typically watched NBC on 60-4.
WFXT is gone. I can't receive it and this used to be a strong signal.
WHDH and WSBK are no different, as I don't think there are any changes  
yet. WHDH is fine while WSBK is still difficult to receive as usual.

I'm 26 miles from Needham, 31 miles from Uncanoonuc, and 35 miles from  
Saddleback. I receive Boston and NH stations almost equally. WENH,  
WNEU, and WPXG are easy signals and WMUR reception isn't uncommon even  
when my antenna is aimed at Needham.

My channel re-scan shows "40" stored channels now instead of my usual  
"56." I'm missing at least WGBH, WFXT, & WSBK now with no new signals  
coming in.

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