Beep at top of the hour on WBZ disappeared

Martin Waters
Thu Sep 27 01:04:07 EDT 2018

 On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 9:39:18 PM EDT, Garrett Wollman <> wrote:

I remember WTIC used to be very good about backtiming to the time
signal, but as more and more of the day was automated rather than
live, they stopped bothering and let their top-hour stager step on the
tones, just as it has at WBZ in the last decade or two.----------      Indeed, WTIC (AM) does crash the pips now. But the time 'signal," as Bob Steele invariably called it when he invariably talked up to it without any apparent effort, sounded right on time during tonight's Red Sox game. Steele also talked up the "antenna switch" to non-directional every morning. A guy just wants to have fun.
    Meanwhile, WINS also still broadcasts a time tone at half-past. That may go back to the day Westinghouse flipped it to news (1965?). I have a hazy recollection that KYW also did that once upon a time. Way back when, WCBS (AM) did it, too. 
    Several of the news stations formerly owned by CBS, like WCBS and unlike WBZ, carry the hourly CBS network news 24/7, so a separate tone is not needed -- and would be a problem if it differed even slightly from the CBS chime. I'm thinking specifically of KCBS and WBBM. Maybe there are more.
    BTW, WBBM actually runs all 5 minutes of the CBS hourly and the full lengths of the two extended World News Roundup newscasts; station motto: We ain't scared of tune-outs.  

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