Beep at top of the hour on WBZ disappeared

Martin Waters
Wed Sep 26 01:26:18 EDT 2018

     I just checked WINS -- the old-fashioned way, on an actual radio oriented to partially null the interfering Toronto signal here in Conn., 75 miles from Manhattan -- and it still broadcasts the hourly tone. It was 11 seconds late vs. the U.S. Naval Observatory Website, another good source for exact time.
    Use of HD (not sure WINS uses it, although WBZ does) causes a delay of around 7-8 seconds unless it is compensated for -- and I am unsure whether WBZ ever did.
    As for WBZ, it definitely used the tone as of 1963, when I became a radioholic. Although they "almost" didn't need it, because it "always" sounded exactly after the recorded news intro's final word (  . . . "from the WBZ news center") gave way to the clattering teletype sound effect.
      Meanwhile, does anyone have any more on when WBZ dropped the tone? Whenever, I figure noheart did it to save money by not operating the tone generator.

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